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character artwork

art and design by yanina nesterova (@NSTRWA)

key art

also done by yanina nesterova. ain’t she great?


press coverage

"She Dreams Elsewhere nails that sweet spot without running on the fumes of its influences — a list its one-man creator told us comprises basically every other surreal game, movie and music you love."
-She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal blend of Undertale and Persona, Polygon

" Strange monsters and more adult fears blend together..."
-Overcome a personal nightmare world in She Dreams Elsewhere, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"She Dreams Elsewhere is a refreshing look at modern millennial young adult-ness that doesn’t feel overdone or cheesy, just comfortable. "
-The Upcoming RPG She Dreams Elsewhere Does So Much Right, Paste

She Dreams Elsewhere is the upcoming indie game that should be on everyone’s radar. Immediately as I began my demo I was greeted by a groovy and funky tune entrancing me, a beautiful retro art style that I consistently found mesmerizing, and a colorful cast of characters that I want to learn about and love right this second.”
-She Dreams Elsewhere Might Be the Next Incredible Indie, Dualshockers

" If you've been looking for another top-down RPG inspired by Earthbound and the Persona series, but something with a meaningful narrative like Undertale, then She Dreams Elsewhere should be on your radar."
-11 indie games we're anxious to see in 2019, Windows Central

" These were two hours of my life that reminded me of my own darkness, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing."
-She Dreams Elsewhere Demo Impression, RPGamer

" She Dreams Elsewhere is a true people’s anthem if this demo is anything to go by. It explores mental health issues and conception of your own self-image in a familiar, but entirely new way that I have still yet to wrap my brain around."
-She Dreams Elsewhere: Demo Thoughts, Games at Dusk